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It is usually during difficult moments that great movements are birthed.  You no longer have to see your unemployed status as a stumbling block but now as a stepping stone!  In exchange for Volunteer Service, you will be able to obtain a National Credential that will allow you to work in the classroom with young children.  Register today!!!  

How It Works

Steps to a Successful Program:

DECAL Scholars CDA Program (Georgia Only)

  • Applications accepted through August 15, 2024

  • Send email to requesting an appointment to complete DECAL Scholars Application

  • Meet with CDA Trainer Online to complete Application

  • Sign Application Documents

  • Begin CDA Self-Paced and Webinar Training Sessions

  • Complete a minimum of 8 hours of training each week

  • Be advised that there is an 8 – 12 week time period to be approved for the CDA Scholarship

  • You may begin your course while waiting for approval but you must receive the Scholarship in order to receive your CDA Certificate

The TJac Group’s Scholarship Program

  • Register for A Child’s Gift’s CDA Program

  • Complete the Scholarship Application

  • Select and Complete the first 20 hours of Volunteer Service (outside of the classroom)

  • Complete 20 hours of Training (repeat the Volunteer Service/Training Cycle 6 times)

  • Complete 480 hours of working with young children (if required)

  • Complete the Professional Portfolio

  • Complete the Verification Visit and CDA Exam

  • Locate Employment!


Books and materials are not covered by the scholarship programs unless specifically requested under the Volunteer Service program.

Sign Up Today
Make an appointment today or give us a call at 678-439-8522.