What's next?

Congratulations! If you are on this page, you believe you are ready to proceed to the next steps in obtaining your CDA! Please answer the following questions before you schedule your meeting with us:


  • Completed your 120 Hours of Training?
  • Mailed your CDA Documents to us?
  • Completed your First Aid/CPR Training?
  • Completed your Profile?
  • Completed your Registry Information?
  • Completed 480 hours of working directly with children in your Endorsement Area?
  • Completed your Reading Logs?
  • Gathered all documents for your Assessment Application Scholarship (Georgia Students Only)?

If Yes to all of these questions,  you are ready to talk to us!


Finished with the checklist and reading logs? Call Ms. McGee at 678-439-TJAC (8522) or email us at wellablecda@gmail.com.