40-Hour Director Training

Welcome to the 40-Hour Director Training shared through the Well Able Training Service, a service of The TJac Educational Consulting Group!  We are delighted to be able to serve you in this capacity and we look forward to a great relationship with you and your team.

While we understand that you are about to embark on a lot of work, we also know that this course will benefit you, your team, your community and the children you serve.

You will receive specific instructions for completing your course in your when you enter your Dashboard.  If you ever have questions, please contact us through your Dashboard or contact us at 678-439-8522.

In this course, participants will meet Georgia’s competency standards for Administrators.  These are:

  • ADM-1 To develop and maintain an effective organization.
  • ADM-2 To plan and implement administrative systems that provide effective education and support programs.
  • ADM-3 To market the program to parents and the community.
  • ADM-4 To administer effectively a program of personnel management and staff development.
  • ADM-5 To maintain and develop the facility and equipment.
  • ADM-6 To possess legal knowledge necessary for effective management.
  • ADM-7 To foster good community relations and to influence child-care policy that affects the program.
  • ADM-8 To practice responsible financial management.
  • ADM-9 To maintain a commitment to ongoing personal/professional growth and development.


40-Hour Director Training

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40-Hour Director Training

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