Please locate, download and print your handouts for this class under Assignment #1. Enjoy designing special activities and field trips for your children while reviewing the rules and regulations of BFTS rules in this area.

After completing this class, participants will:

  • describe how children learn through active participation
  • describe a pleasant and relaxing meal time experience
  • list examples of art experiences with varied mediums that are developmentally appropriate and open-ended
  • know and follow established plans and procedures
  • describe supervision that is appropriate for the developmental levels of children
  • identify ways to talk to children that support meaningful, open-ended conversationsĀ 

Download and print your handout for this course.
You will have up to 90 days to complete this training session with a passing grade of 75.
Please complete all the assignments for this training session. The course will be graded within 7-10 business days of completing the final assignment. You will be able to download and print your certificate when this course is passed.
Thank you for choosing the Well Able Training Service to meet your training needs.


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